Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bugs Quillow

The centre panel for the bugs qult. I have used one of Jan Mullins patterns from her book. I have to sew in an inner border in blue and then an outer border of colours. This will be the first thing I have made for my little man despite him now being 8 months old (how slack in that). I have made quillows and cot quilts for my two nieces and nephews and a quillow for my second niece -BUT NOTHING FOR MY LITTLE MAN.

So he can have an absolutely beautiful quillow to play on - especially now that he his crawling and doesn't sit very still for long. He has started to become so mobile that I have had to put the baby gate accross the front door which he promptly crawls over to and put his hands outside for the dog to come and play with him.

I will post a photo of the top once it is complete and ready for quilting.

The Dynamic Duo

Welcome to my sewing journal.

Well here I am. I have been reading many a blog and looking at many a picture of beautful quilts and decided I should do one of my own to share my love of sewing with everyone. If you are reading this journal, welcome, please feel free to leave a comment and have a look.

As you can see from the above the picture - I am the proud mum to the dynamic duo. One beautiful and charming little man - the bug and his best friend - the dog. Most of this journal will be about my sewing but you will find quite a few refences to the bug, the dog and the man (husband) as these people are my world.