Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, that only took 8 months to do, but I have finally made a play mate for my little man. I used a cutting style from Jan Mullins and by coincidence my colour choice was similar to that in which she used.

The bug obviously enjoys playing on it as it only took a few minutes to puke on it once I sat him down.

Anyway, we are now back from our little holiday in Sydney. It is was a nice weekend away visiting DH brother and his girlfriend. They enjoyed having the bug there even though he was evil all weekend. And this morning I found the reason - the 3rd white pointer has just made it's way through. No 1&2 came through with no fuss, but this one..... He has been having very little sleep, high temperature, runny nose, sore ear, not wanting to eat lumpy solids and general grumpyness. Well this morning he woke up in his own bed and I found the tooth and he was like a different child.

I took some of my hand sewing to Sydney and was able to do that while everyone else looked after the bug. I am now working on a jazzy jungle single bed quilt for the hammer plus two cot quilts.

Thought i would just add in a photo of the bug and his dad at Balmoral Beach in Sydney. He had a lovely time there playing in the sand and water (even thought it was a little cold). We also went for a walk through the city, ride on the ferry and visited Kirribilli House and Admiralty House.

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